How many things can go wrong during this election, let us count the 300,000 ways.  The Detroit News is reporting that U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan of the District of Columbia has ordered the U.S. Postal Service officials to “immediately search for undelivered ballots in Detroit and 11 other postal districts, and send any found to polling locations”.  However this is the same activist Judge Sullivan who is attempting to act as Judge and prosecutor against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn so I put little faith in anything this guy says, does or rules.  He has shown himself to be a liberal political hack of a Judge.

The Judge felt the need to do so because the United States postal service officials informed him there are approximately 300,000 ballots that had not been scanned for delivery. In his ruling, the Judge gave the U.S. postal officials until 3 p.m. yesterday “to conduct the searches and send any identified ballots before polls close”.

His order does not only include U.S. postal facilities in Detroit but other cities including central Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Colorado/Wyoming, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, Alabama, northern New England, greater South Carolina and South Florida.

Justice Department Trial Attorney John Robinson wrote to the Judge:

“Inspectors will be in the identified Postal facilities throughout the evening...Defendants are working as expeditiously as possible to comply with this court’s orders while recognizing physical and operational limitations and the need to avoid disrupting key activities on Election Day.”

The United States Postal Service General Counsel Thomas J. Marshall wrote to Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson that Michigan election laws and their deadlines for requesting and casting mail-in ballots are:

“incongruous” and “incompatible” with the Postal Service's delivery standards”

He then went on to say that the Postal Service:

"cannot adjust its delivery standards to accommodate state election law”

What is happening is what the smart people have been telling everyone since the beginning of this all-out push by the Democrats to encourage mail-in voting.  The system is not prepared to handle that many pieces in such a short time reliably, especially with the amount of voter fraud that can and will occur during this election.

Unfortunately, the Democrats refused to listen to the smart people.


Because they are the ones who are looking to cash in on this confusion and rush of votes to commit voter fraud where needed.  Do not believe me then look at what is happening in Pennsylvania specifically.  There are reports that poll workers are claiming the vote tabulation machines are down and asked voters to leave their ballots with them and they will feed them through the machine when it comes up.  Minutes later they are using the machines to count other votes.

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