For 35 years, Calhoun County citizens have taken to the streets in February with the mission of “hearts and feet, providing heat.”   Community Action CEO Michelle Williamson says they’ll still be raising the money to help people keep the heat on this winter, but the 36th Annual Walk for Warmth won’t happen until fall.

“We have decided to delay our in-person Walk Event until the fall of 2021.  However, you can still help our community members by donating now through our website.”

“This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our friends and neighbors are struggling even more than before.  Many of our friends and neighbors are forced to make difficult decisions every day about how to meet their basic needs.  Do they purchase groceries for their family or pay the electric bill? “

Walk for Warmth started in Albion, Michigan on Valentine’s Day, 1983.  Albion Community Action Coordinator Tim Kurtz held a 24-hour “Helping the Poor in 24” Walk-a-Thon to raise funds for heating assistance.  The event raised $1500, but more than that, it raised community awareness.  Three years later, it grew to serve Calhoun, Branch, Barry, and St. Joseph counties.  By 1990, ten more counties across Michigan held Walk for Warmth events, and it has grown from there to a nation-wide phenomenon.

walk for warmth-Community Action
walk for warmth-Community Action

Currently, Community Action continues to serve those in need with State, Federal and Local grant dollars.  The demand for assistance has increased significantly since the beginning of the pandemic.

If you are aware of someone in need, Community Action hopes you can take a minute to call 1-877-422-2726.   “For every $300 we raise, Community Action will be able to help a local family stay safe and warm in their home.  By reaching our goal of $50,000, Community Action will be able to help nearly 200 local families in Branch, Calhoun, Kalamazoo, and St. Joseph counties.

Here’s how you can help.

  • Download a pledge form by clicking here.
  • Mail a check to Walk for Warmth to 175 Main Street, Battle Creek MI 49014.   Make sure to designate which county you would like your donation to be awarded in.

For More info, you can also visit CA’s Facebook Page.

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