While much of Michigan remains in the clutches of a Polar Vortex, leading to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signing an order declaring a state of emergency, there is always a bright side. That is not to say that the weather conditions are not extremely dangerous or that this is anything other than a serious situation that continues to impact many, but there are positives to appreciate.

  1. Ice FishingNot long before the extreme cold made it's way to the "Mitten State" ice fishing enthusiasts were starting question whether ice fishing would happen at all this winter.
  2. Extra layers- Still carrying a few extra pounds from the holidays? An extra layer or two of clothing can do wonders to help hide an extra 10 pounds or so.
  3. Memories- Life can be so busy that sometimes we forget to stop and enjoy time with those most important. For those stuck at home, a board or card game may be a fondly remembered story told for years to come. It is also a chance to see neighbors helping others. Like the young family stuck at home and helping dig an elderly or differently abeld neighbor's driveway out. A life lesson that can shape a young mind and heart.
  4. Cool Tricks/ Hands on LearningSee the video in the link for a cool experiment you can only do in this type of cold. Just make sure the wind is not blowing in your face.
  5. Extreme cold may wipe out high percentage emerald ash borer larvae- Some forestry experts are predicting the extreme cold will kill off a significant amount of the emerald ash borer that has been decimating ash trees.

  6. Builds Character- Okay this one barely counts but who hasn't used this line at some point.

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