Before You head out to the 'Celebrate! Bronson Park Kick-off Party for Bronson Park 21st Century Campaign this Thursday, October 20th from 6 pm to 10 pm, here are 5 facts to know.

#1. Abraham Lincoln made his only speech in Michigan at Bronson Park back on August 27th 1856.

#2 Bronson Park is named after settler Titus Bronson, who arrivered here in 1829.

#3 The land that is now Bronson Park was orginally a jail.

#4 Bronosn Park has the first automatic fountain in the United States, that was built in 1927.

#5 "The Fountain of Pioneers" features an American Indian in full headdress. What is odd about that is American Inidans in our area did not wear headresses.

For more interesting facts about Bronson Park check out, ,and 

The "Celebrate! Bronson Park" event will be night to remember.

There will be live music by the band Professional Folk, pumpkin carving, food trucks and the best part the renovation details will be revaled!

Some of the changes planned are to re-forest the park to it's pre-1980 tornado status, and install a new holiday tree at the fountain complex's east end.

It will a lovely evening and we hope to see you there.