What a great story.  A Marshall women goes swimming in 1954 in Gull lake and loses her 1953 Marshall High School class ring and 63 years later it is returned to her.

The Battle Creek Enquirer is reporting about Shirley Rial/Wallace’s welcomed return of that class ring.

Shirley was swimming with her then boyfriend and later to be her husband Lynn Wallace when she got out of the lake and found she no longer had her ring on.

63 years later along comes Bruce Sinclair, a retired gentleman who loves using his metal detector to find things.  On July 12, 2017 Bruce happened to be metal detecting in Gull Lake and found the long lost ring.

It gets even better.  When he returned home and showed his wife, Kim Sinclair, Kim began investigating who it might be long to.  The ring had the initials of S.R. and she found that only two people who graduated from Marshall High School in 1953 had the initials S.R.  Here is where it gets better, Kim’s daughter is married to Shirley Wallace’s grandson.

Sounds like a movie script to me.

Kim Sinclair is quoted in the article stating:

I knew it was her ring, there is no way that could have been put in front of [Bruce] for him to find and have it not be her ring.

Shirley lost her husband Lynn in 2013 but now she has all those memories brought back by the ring.

What a way to start a weekend.  Great job Bruce and Kim!

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