I just read an interesting statistic from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (the BLS) reported in The Washington Free Beacon.

The number of foreign-born workers with a job in the US reached a record high in October, with a 4.4% unemployment rate.  That rate is compared to the overall unemployment rate of 5.0% for the United States.

The question I have is why?

Is it that foreign-born workers have a better work ethic than US born workers?

Are foreign-born workers willing to work for less?

Do foreign-born workers come from countries that do not have an entitlement mentality?

Is there something else at play here?

I am certainly not against foreign-born workers finding a job in the US but it does bother me a bit that their overall unemployment rate is more than a ½% better than the American born worker.

Do you agree?

Another fact in The Washington Free Beacon article that I found interesting is that there are 3,745,000 more foreign-born workers employed today than when President Obama took office in January 2009.

I found that fact interesting because we are told over and over again that the Democrat Party fights for the American working man and women.

Those of you who believe that, what does these statistics tell you?

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