Actor Robert Newman’s working life has changed a lot in the last few years.  It would have to.  After all, he basically had the same 9 to 5 job for 28 years, which is very unusual for someone in his profession.  Now, eight years after “The Guiding Light” came to an end, Newman is branching out, playing good guys and bad guys on the stage and on television.   Newman was interviewed by Tim Collins on WBCK’s “Richard Piet Show”, along with Barn Theatre owner and producer Brendan Ragotzy.

During the twenty minutes, Newman:

  • Talked proudly about "The Guiding Light", and his years there.
  • Discussed the demise of daytime dramas (soaps).  There are four left and another could soon be gone.
  • One American soap that is the most popular TV show in Europe.
  • Some of the new roles he’s been doing, including a couple for the Barn this summer.
  • His days as an apprentice at the Barn in the early 80’s and how he got the job on “Guiding Light.”

Ragotzy outlined the upcoming Barn season, and talked about the earliest days of the theater, started by his parents, Jack and Betty Ragotzy, 71 years ago.

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