Chances are pretty good it will be a while before a Bay City-based marijuana provisioning outfit will be able to sell its products in the state. The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency has cut it off – suspended its licensing. It’s described as an emergency order. But action by the state against the company began last fall.

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The MRA says the company called, 3843 Euclid, LLC., hasn’t been doing a good job managing the safety of its marijuana products. Maybe the most glaring example cited by the state is the discovery of human saliva in pre-rolled marijuana products.

The state requires the company to fire some specific employees, hire new compliance managers, and generally, clean up its act.  The company is being told it needs to better track how employees are handling products, and literally keep their fingers out of the stuff. The state cites two examples while inspectors were on-site and observing, where an employee took a spatula used to stir product, put it in her mouth to lick it off, and then put the spatula back into the product that she’d been stirring.

The state’s top administrator overseeing the marijuana industry in Michigan says it is imperative that the companies offering products are doing it properly, and safely. The MRA’s Executive Director is Andrew Brisbo. He says along with safety issues, simply following state-mandated industry rules is also critical. "It is imperative that our licensees follow the rules and laws while producing marijuana products. The MRA goes to great lengths to make sure that the marijuana product in the regulated industry meets established safety standards. Michigan’s marijuana laws and rules were established to provide safe sources of marijuana to Michigan residents, and it is important that we take action against those facilities that disregard the rules.”

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