Let us review Hillary Clinton episodes of health related issues:

  • In December of 2012 Hillary Clinton suffered a stomach virus, became dehydrated, fainted and sustained a concussion.
  • She was prescribed a blood thinner, Coumadin, to treat “transverse sinus thrombosis,” and she suffered briefly from double vision, doctors say this needs to be highly regulated.
  • She has uncontrollable coughing fits
  • Her repeated memory failures when the FBI interviewed her over her e-mail abuses
  • She had a very bad fainting issue at the 9/11 New York Memorial

Does this now take her health out of the realm of conspiracy to a level that now needs to be a concern to the U.S. public?

The health of a candidate for president is an important issue.  Presidents have a grueling schedule and they must be up for the task of that grueling schedule.  There is a difference between a handicap and possible serious health issues.

Is it too much for the public to demand that Presidential candidate’s be reviewed by a panel of unbiased doctors and the results made public to the U.S. citizen’s before the election?

What are your thoughts?

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