Pop-up retail expert Stephen Brooks has spent a good portion of his career helping fledgling or failing businesses try and inspire a rebirth - mostly in his native U.K. Most of those businesses are in the retail sector.

Now, Brooks has turned his sites on the United States, where he has opened an office in Chicago and tours the country as a motivational speaker and pop-up retail expert. He will visit Battle Creek's Lakeview Square Mall on April 11, 2017, offering anyone interested in listening a chance to hear his views on how seasonal or temporary retail businesses situated in traditional mall settings could offer new reasons to shop there. Brooks was invited by the Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce. If you plan to attend the event, advanced registration is requested (click the button below).

In a preview of his visit to Battle Creek, Brooks tells 95.3 WBCK three reasons pop-up retailers would be good for Lakeview Square Mall:

New, Local Entrepreneurship

A local business using the Etsy website, or others, to sell its products may find a temporary or seasonal destination location is a sales booster. And it won't have the overhead of a traditional retail space with long-term lease.

Closed Anchor Stores Have Little Effect

Brooks contends that in spite of Macy's closing, JCPenney's pending closing and Sears teetering, pop-up retail in malls like Lakeview Square tend to thrive. This is mostly because, he says, those who may be looking for the services or products of pop-up retails may not have been department store shoppers.

Targeted Retailing

Brooks says a temporary retail space can allow a retail owner to only be open when they have the greatest sales potential, then close when they don't.

Click the player below to hear more about Stephen Brooks' April 11, 2017 presentation at Lakeview Square Mall in Battle Creek.

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