A transgender person who use to compete as a man crushes international women’s weightlifting records.

We all could have seen this coming a mile away and the question is, is it fair to genetic women?

The Washington Times is reporting on Laural Hubbard a man who is now competing as an international weightlifter as a woman.  Laural smashed 3 world records in snatching, lifting and the clean and jerk.

When men who are genetically stronger then woman but identify as a woman compete against woman who are genetically female the deck is stacked against the genetic women.  Again I ask the question is this really fair to women born genetically as women?

As we progress down the road of transgenderism more women born genetically as women will start to lose in strength and track and field competitions against men who identity as women and are allowed to compete in their sports.

Is this what genetic women really want and is it fair to them?

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