There seems to be an unfortunate situation taking place in St. Joseph, involving a boat whose owner has not been around to take of it in some time. Apparently there is a beautiful boat sitting along the St. Joseph River near Lake Michigan and people have been supposedly piece by piece taking things off of it. Someone in the area has finally reached out to the community to see why this is happening:

Curious: Does anyone know what has become of the owner of this sailboat? As boat owners and lovers, it is painful to see this beauty being scraped to death while tied to the wall at the arboretum? His car used to be parked close by with an abandoned vehicle ticket on the window, but is now gone. I wish the city could save this boat from total destruction!

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Unfortunately one of the people in the group did some digging and turns out the boat may not be seeing its owner for some time:

I messaged several of my boating friends and one of them just responded with the following info: Last I knew he was in jail. No marina will take it out of the water without pre payment. The City is waiting for a Court Order to have it moved.
Apparently there are public safety officers who are aware of the situation and as soon as the ice clears out of the marina it's being removed, however, the longer it stays in the water unattended the greater risk it has of possibly sinking and potentially spilling chemicals. Hopefully the vessel will be removed before those things happen.

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