A historic Michigan lighthouse is in need of restoration and help and fundraising efforts have been accelerated to make that happen. While attempts are made to get funding from groups like the Michigan Waterways Commission and State Historic Preservation Office, preservationists say matching funds will be needed.

The Waugoshance LIghthouse's history is impressive. The lighthouse has guarded the entrance of the Straits of Mackinac for the past 168 years. It was used for target practice during World War I.

(Mike Matulis via YouTube)

Built in 1851 the lighthouse has been around for the Civil War and every World War.  It has watched the boats transform from sailing, to steam to 1000-foot freighters.  It even has survived being used for target practice in WW II for testing out the first drones used by the US Government. -Waugoshance Preservation Society press release.

According to a press release, "the high water mixed with the fall storms in the northern Great Lakes have proven to be too much for our beloved Waugoshance,” says Chris West, president of the Waugoshance Lighthouse Preservation Society (a 501 c3 nonprofit whose purpose is the preservation of the historic structure).  “The base of the lighthouse is being eaten away by the lake,” West said.  Since receiving pictures from a friend that owns a neighboring lighthouse and a pilot from Island Airways out of Beaver Island the preservation society members have been working towards coming up with a plan to save the lighthouse.

West goes on to say that the group has been in talks "with a marine construction company and some state agencies to try and get some help to save the light, Before we started to lose the foundation, the preservation society came up with a plan to build a break wall around the lighthouse along with building a safe harbor for boaters coming through the area.  This will not only protect Waugoshance, but will bring the lighthouse a new life in protecting the boaters coming through the area.  The structure was built to assist ships navigating into the Straits of Mackinac, this would bring the lighthouse purpose again. But right now it’s the lighthouse that needs saving,"

The group's website explains the plight in greater detail and is soliciting donations.


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