It all started when about a month ago a mysterious monolith appeared in the Utah desert and have been popping up everywhere ever since.

As someone who fully believes in the paranormal and extraterrestrial, even I am confused on how to feel about this!

On one hand, it could be aliens trying to communicate with us and make their presence known but they know humanity isn't ready to *fully* know about them. On the other hand, the first monolith maybe was something and the rest could now just be an elaborate prank or copycats just looking for something silly to do.

Well, now there has been a monolith spotted right here in the Lansing area, in Old Town!

According to WILX, while no one has claimed responsibility for the other "triangular prisms that stand a little higher than an adult" around the world, there was a group caught on camera erecting the Lansing monolith.

Now these "people" don't look like your "typical" aliens , though I have learned recently there are multiple different types of aliens. There's the ones called "the greys" with their big eyes and heads and whatnot and there are ones who look like just regular people.

I know I sound crazy but look, WILX even said, even with this video evidence, it almost leads us to more questions than answers about the "who, what, when, where, why?" about the monoliths and what they mean.

Upon looking at the monolith there was a message directing people to a "Michigan Monolith" Facebook page which WILX then looked into where there were some strange posts and even garnered a strange response to an interview request:

"Hello human...We are not an organization. We are not human. We are everything, but we are also one. We are here to explore, and interact with your planets inhabitants. Do not fear. We are kind, we are loving, we are perhaps slightly silly."

Sure, this could all just be an elaborate prank...BUT WHAT IF IT'S NOT!?

I mean, just earlier this year there was evidence of extraterrestrial activity and with all the COVID news it kind of got pushed to the wayside...maybe this is the aliens' way of further confirming their existence.

Furthermore, I will end this by saying that no, I am not on drugs, the aliens did not put me up to this and if I am sucked up into a UFO or something I will be absolutely fine! I'd like to think the aliens would just think "damn, she's cool" and soon I'll be broadcasting from space...

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