An injunction has been requested in federal court against Kellogg Community College by a conservative group representing a group of activist students.

In a press release, the Alliance Defending Freedom says that their lawyers filed a motion and brief Wednesday, requesting that KCC’s current policies regarding on-campus speech be suspended.

The legal action stems from an incident that happened in September of 2016, where members of the local Young Americans for Liberty group were arrested for promoting themselves and handing out pocket-sized Constitutions, which KCC says was a violation of their Solicitation Policy.

The Battle Creek college says that their policy doesn’t discriminate based on the content of campus speech, but does require that those carrying out similar activities to the YAL be registered with the college.

KCC was sued in January by KCC students Michelle Gregoire and Brandon Withers, who are being represented by the ADF, claiming that KCC’s current policy is unconstitutional.

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