An awful story has a happy ending for this adorable Pitbull puppy in Columbus, Ohio.

The Columbus Department of Public Safety posted a tweet that was both heart-breaking and heart-warming at the same time.

Last week one of our Division of Refuse operators Dave Carlson from our Georgesville Road station was servicing dumpsters in an apartment complex on the East Side and noticed a puppy in the dumpster struggling to get out from under the trash.

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How anyone could abandon a dog boggles my mind, much less throw this innocent life away like garbage.  Luckily a city worker spotted the cute little canine stuck in the trash when he was servicing a dumpster in Columbus, Ohio.  The dog was then taken to a local county animal shelter.  It didn't take long for 6-month-old Duke to find his forever family according to ABC 6,

Brandon Dawson and his wife knew they wanted a new pup and the second they spotted him at the Franklin County Dog Shelter, they knew it was the right fit.

Duke has a handful of minor injuries but is recovering with his new family.  Dawson says the pitbull puppy is adjusting to his new home well and is very thankful that the city employee happened to check the dumpster that likely saved Duke's life.

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