Albion College is announcing it will return to full in-person learning modules for this year’s fall semester. The announcement of the weighty decision is being made by Albion College President Dr. Matthew Johnson.

The decision is not meant to be interpreted that there won’t be virus controls in place at the Calhoun County college. There certainly will. But Albion College administrators and health leaders are confident they can pull it off and keep everyone safe.

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Albion College put strict controls in place last year as the virus issues gained momentum. And then the College moved to a strenuous testing program at the start of this year.  The public release from the college about the return to in-person learning spells it out this way. “As a result of advanced testing protocols including over 8,000 tests administered since January 2021, and responsible decision making on behalf of students, faculty and staff, many elements of the on-campus experience at Albion College have remained intact. Fall 2021 will mark the return to full in-person classes with appropriate COVID-19 policies in place, as well as the return to the standard academic calendar from the module approach taken last year.”

Albion’s President says he is confident the return to in-person learning at the liberal arts college will be successful due to the strategies the college has in place. “Our top priority when making decisions that affect our broader campus community is the health and safety of those impacted. We are eager to make strides toward a fully in-person campus experience this fall, with a continued focus on proactive safety measures. This includes a return to our regular academic schedule and increased opportunities for on-campus gathering and student activities.”

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