Albion Public Safety officers recently spent time training at Michigan International Speedway.

The Albion Department of Public Safety recently shared that officers with the department had completed a couple of weeks of training at the one and only Michigan International Speedway.

Courtesy of the Albion Department of Public Safety
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While it may seem like all fun and games, a lot of training took place. That included an 8-hour refresher training, which includes classroom, precision driving, and high-speed pursuit training. The training is organized by the Southern Michigan Criminal Justice Consortium.

Two Albion Department of Public Safety officers also took part in the 32-hour instructor course. Though none of the officers got to actually drive on the speedway track, they did get to make a few high-speed passes down the MIS pit row.

Officers with the Albion Department of Public Safety are able to participate in training sessions like this because they are members of the Southern Michigan Criminal Justice Consortium, which gives them access to facilities like the Michigan International Speedway. The facility allows officers to train and practice their precision driving and high-speed maneuvers while in a controlled safe environment on the infield road course.

Michigan International Speedway is generally recognized as one of motorsports' premier facilities. MIS is the fastest track in NASCAR due to its wide, sweeping corners, long straightaways, and lack of a restrictor plate requirement; typical qualifying speeds are over 200 mph (320 km/h) and corner entry speeds are anywhere from 215 to 220 mph (346 to 354 km/h) after the 2012 repaving of the track.

Courtesy of the Albion Department of Public Safety

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