It’s always nice to hear some good news, these days. Political parties have done a good job at attempting to divide the Nation, whether it’s by class, race or a simple belief in God. But kind gestures still arise in the midst of turmoil. Michigan State Troopers are recognizing a local tire repair shop that went beyond the call of duty to help a couple of folks who were suffering from hard times. 

A Michigan State Trooper was on patrol in Calhoun County, traveling in Lee Township, when he received a call from dispatch concerning a vehicle that had broken down and was causing a road hazard. The rural countryside, in the area of R Drive North and 24 Mile Road, is a quiet place where neighbors are far and few between. As he drew near the intersection of the two roads he saw the disabled vehicle, matching the description, and discovered that the two female occupants had a flat tire and had been stranded alongside the roadway overnight, and were sleeping in the car. The women didn’t have the money for tow truck assistance or knew of any family or friends that could help them out.  

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The Trooper was familiar with the area and knew of a nearby tire shop located just a couple of streets over at 20154 26 Mile RD. He decided to contact them to see if they could help in any way. Well, Pullen’s Tire Repair came through with flying colors. The Pullen service truck was dispatched to the scene, and the driver removed the damaged tire from the disabled vehicle, replacing it with a new tire. At the end of the process, the Trooper then requested that a bill be written up and he would stop by and pay it later. The owner of the repair shop refused to do so. The owners, Frank and Stephanie Pullen, along with the serviceman all said that they were just glad that they were able to help someone needing assistance. 

The grateful Trooper had a press release issued to area news media, noting the kind act of the local tire repair shop, wanting the public to know of their kind deed. However, one other person deserves credit for having compassion for two fellow human beings, stranded in the lonely countryside, and facing hard times. The Michigan State Trooper...who searched out a nearby tire shop and then offered to pay the bill out of his own pocket.

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