An ordinance will be introduced to the Battle Creek City Commission at their meeting Tuesday that would allow for alcohol to be consumed on so called “pedal pubs”.


Pedal Pubs, known technically as Commercial Quadricycles, are vehicles in which a licensed pilot steers and brakes, and the passengers pedal. In July of 2015, Governor Rick Snyder signed into law Public Act 126, which The City Commission's Agenda says;

-Require a commercial quadricycle owner to furnish a specified amount of liability insurance.

-Allow a commercial quadricycle passenger to possess or transport open alcohol unless prohibited by a local ordinance.

-Prohibit a person from operating a commercial quadricycle with any bodily alcohol content.

According to the commission’s agenda, the proposed ordinance would amend the City Code to add a chapter regulating Commercial Quadricycles in Battle Creek, and as well, it would amend the section regarding public consumption of alcohol to make an exception for those riding on Pedal Pubs.

The City Manager and Chief of the Battle Creek Police have said that they support the passage of this ordinance.

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