Calhoun County's Miles for Memories program, focused on grassroots support for Alzheimer's and Dementia programs and research, issues a cautionary note about reports of a cure for Alzheimer's Disease.

Sherii Sherban of the Miles for Memories leadership team tells 95.3 WBCK, very often, it's what folks see online - ads or email spam - that touts a cure. She recommends studying what you receive:

Is it based on science or is it a sales pitch?

1.Be aware when...

  • If headline is question or exclamation point
  • Uses the word “Proven”
  • Uses the word “Shocking”
  • Are the selling a product?
  • Are they making “Promises”?
  • “Natural” remedies are exclaimed

2.Do they mention an expert? With no degrees after name?

3.Do they send you to another website?

4.Check credentials

  • Could be a university, pharmaceutical organization
  • Peer review will be made
  • Find a second credible opinion
  • Correlation can be dangerous- not the same as causation
  • Co opt actual science i.e. A study published in.... find and go read- often does not really say what the sales pitch is promoting

And if you receive such information? Sherban recommends:

  • Use these articles to start a conversation.
  • Read past the headline
  • Check the sources
  • Protect your health, hope and hard earned cash.

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