During these dark times in the United States, it is nice to report about people who actually love America.  This story is about a 96-year-old World War II veteran who recently sang the national anthem at the West Michigan Whitecaps minor league baseball game.

MLive reported that John Pylman was the man who gave that performance and I am told that no players kneeled.  He likes to sing the national anthem out of respect and honor for our country.

He said:

“To me, it means the United States of America, worth fighting for…God’s blessed us with this wonderful country, let’s take care of it. It’s worth fighting for.”

Correct John the United States is a wonderful country and there are still many people who believe it is worth fighting for.

John went on to say that he sings the national anthem to honor not only his country but for all of those who sacrificed their lives for it.  He stated:

“I had some dear friends who didn’t survive World War II – five of them in my ninth grade class”

John has lived in Grand Rapids his entire life and enlisted in the Air Force in 1943.  He became a navigator on the Boeing B-17 known as the Flying Fortress.

John said “I just like to sing…And I’m pretty good at it.”  Here is John singing the National Anthem:

If you like that I think you will really like this one.  

A few years ago another 96-year-old World War II veteran, Pete DuPré, stunned a full stadium in New Jersey stadium where, believe it or not, the U.S. women’s national soccer team played against Mexico.  He floored them all playing the National Anthem with his harmonica.

I did not see any of the players kneeling, did you?

Great to know there are others among us that still love America as we do.

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