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Many of you may have seen the recent headlines concerning Ford Motor Company laying off 700 workers at their Wayne Assembly Plant.

Why did they lay-off 700 workers?

That plant made small, fuel-efficient cars that were not selling.  You see, in the real world, when you do not have a customer who wants to buy what you are making you must cut cost or go out of business.

No market no money.

What does President Obama have to say about it?

Our automotive industry should make more fuel-efficient cars.

He is just brilliant, is he not?

The President was quoted as saying “Detroit needs to be focused on capturing, you know, the lion’s share of the market for fuel-efficient cars,” and if it does, “over the course of 10 or 15 or 20 years the American auto industry can continue to thrive.”

I see one major flaw with that strategy, the automotive companies would have a high probability of being out of business if no one wants to buy their cars. So Mr. President the U.S. auto industry cannot “capture the lion’s share of the market” if they are no longer in business.

What are your thoughts?

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