It's one "surprise" no one wants near their morning cereal. A Tennessee man is facing up to three years in prison for urinating on a Kellogg's cereal conveyor belt at a Memphis facility.

Last month, 49-year-old Gregory Stanton pleaded guilty to tampering with consumer products and was indicted by a grand jury in September. Stanton worked for the plant in 2014 and posted a video online in 2016 of him urinating on the conveyor belt. The video led the company to alert law enforcement and launched an investigation that involved the Food & Drug Administration.



The incident occurred at the Kellogg's Memphis, Tenn., plant during a period of strained labor relations and potentially affected Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats, granola clusters and a few other puffed rice products that are no longer made. Rice Krispies cereal was not affected, the company said in 2016 when the footage first surfaced.

Stanton is set to be sentenced in February.

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