I received an email from one you my listeners concerning the issue of the Fountain of the Pioneers statue in Kalamazoo's Bronson Park.

The letter came from a listener named Johnny and Johnny wrote:

From Johnny Hi Renk:

This is the first time I have ever written you. I listen to your show most every day and love it! I can’t call in because I am unable to hold for periods of time due to the nature of my work, but I thought I would write you today.

The Kalamazoo fountain is an interesting topic to me because of the outcry.

I think that it should be put up to a vote since most people on The Left think majority should rule. I feel if they want majority rule or popular vote for president and for political purposes then it should be applied to everything else as well including gun control, abortion, gay rights, the fountain, etc.!

I think there would be a big turning in this country if we actually did go to popular opinion!

Thank you for your time in for an excellent show!

Good point Johnny, what do you think about Johnny's thought?

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