An officer with the Battle Creek Police Department has tested positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus).

The Calhoun County, Michigan Emergency Operations Center issued a press release this afternoon announcing that a Battle Creek Police officer had tested positive for COVID-19 (novel coronavirus).

The officer developed symptoms while at home, contacted their family doctor, and was subsequently tested for COVID-19. On Friday, March 27, the officer was notified of the positive result.

According to the release, all people in contact with this officer have been notified and the officer is at home recovering.

The Battle Creek Police Department is working closely with the Calhoun County Health Department (CCHD). CCHD officials have cleared all other Battle Creek Police officers as low-risk for exposure, and all other officers will continue work as normal.

Calhoun County's Unified Law Enforcement reminds everyone to continue following the guidelines to stay home unless absolutely necessary, wash hands frequently for 20 seconds, and maintain at least six feet of distance with others.

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