It's been quite the past two days. Three eating and drinking related businesses have either shut down and closed their doors, or will in a few days.

Campus hangout "The Grotto at Capone's has shut down. The business located at the Campus Pointe Mall at Michigan and Howard St. had been open for close to decade.

The Western Herald reported that the Grotto at Capone's was in its second location, having moved there in 2018, following failed lease negotiations at it's previous site.

UPDATE: In a voicemail, Avis Karim, one of the owners of the Campus Pointe Mall said profitability was never the issue. "It was probably one of the most profitable bars in Kalamazoo. Where they did go to fail was when lease negotiations for a lease extension were not agreed upon between the two parties.They ended up relocating to a location that has no visibility and that's behind Campus Pointe Mall. We have tenants who have double their revue since coming to Campus Pointe Mall."

Capone's was just yards away from another famous Western bar, the Knollwood Tavern, which was razed for WMU expansion and in what was once the same building as the Campus Theater. After that closed it was repurposed as the Campus Pointe Mall and has seen various turnover, At the corner of Michigan and Howard streets, it was a popular dance bar Electric Avenue, then Graffiti's and Rick's, before becoming a Video Hits Plus, and now a drug store.



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