If  you missed the first red carpet premiere of the new TV show "Battle Creek", you have another chance.

The Calhoun County Visitors Bureau plans a watch party as the show premieres on CBS-TV Sunday evening. The event, which is being held in the newly remodeled ballroom at the McCamly Plaza Hotel downtown, will give anyone who wishes to attend a chance to watch the first airing of the show in a Hollywood-style setting with other local residents.

Kimber Thompson, marketing director at the Calhoun County Visitors Bureau, tells The Richard Piet Show on WBCK tickets are being sold for $1 in advance and $2 at the door. Proceeds benefit the Charitable Union.

Tickets can be purchased at the Visitors Bureau office at One Riverwalk Centre, 24 West Jackson Street in Battle Creek, at the McCamly Plaza Hotel downtown and at the Charitable Union, 85 Calhoun Street in Battle Creek. Thompson said the McCamly ballroom holds 400-500 people, and about 100 tickets were still available as of Friday morning.

The first red carpet premiere was held Tuesday evening, staged by CBS affiliate WWMT. The event drew about 1800 people, and featured a pre-recorded greeting from Josh Duhamel and some of his "Battle Creek" costars.

"It was electric," said Bob Coward, Saturday morning host on WBCK and owner of "Cowardly Gardener" in Emmett Township, who was among the viewing audience. "If the way the crowd was shows any indication, we have a hit."

WBCK's Karen Reeves of "Karen's Corner" agrees.

"It was fun," Reeves said. "The most fun part was the opening credits [with] shots of Battle Creek." About the series, Reeves said she liked it very much, "I like the relationship between the two main characters - I think there's some humor in it."

Some high profile national reviewers generally gave the show a favorable report as well, including USA Today and Variety. The series will air starting this Sunday in its regular time slot at 10pm on CBS (WWMT).

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