A woman near M-66 highway in Calhoun County heard gun shots Wednesday morning. Shortly after that time, a woman came to her from the road saying her vehicle's window had been shot out.


"I was in shock because it's too close to home to be happening," Jeanine Piccard, a woman from Athens Michigan told WMMT. Piccard had been tending her garden when she heard shots earlier in the morning. When she saw a vehicle outside she was startled to hear the driver's SUV window had been shot out.


This was an unusual event for the normally quiet stretch of M-66. The driver was traveling with her husband in the front seat and son in the back seat. Glass was everywhere in the vehicle.


In response to the confirmed shooting, the Calhoun County K9 Unit was out looking for clues or suspects in the area on Wednesday. This event follows three other confirmed highway shootings that took place further north near the I-69 and I-94 corridor. Authorities have no reason to believe Wednesday's shooting is specially linked to the previous incidents.