Did you ever think that there would be this many unstable teenagers that would threaten to shoot up a school to get out of school for a day?

I did not.

Another southwest Michigan school is closed for the day due to a shooting threat.

Mlive is reporting that Decatur Schools Superintendent Patrick Creagan has stated that a message was left on a bathroom stall door saying that someone will shoot up the school.  The message cited today's date of March 27th.

No arrest have been made as of this date and they only see the school being closed for today.

The question is why are there so many schools around the country, in Michigan and Southwest Michigan having to close their schools due to what appears to be mentally disturbed students?

According to the Educators School Safety Network, a national nonprofit school safety organization that tracks and studies threats of violence in American schools, in the first 2 weeks after the Parkland Florida shooting there have been 41 threats against schools in Michigan.  That is the fifth-highest total in the nation.

I know mentally disturbed sounds harsh but in this day and age you really must be mentally disturbed to make a threat like that, would you not agree.

Can this surge be attributed to their need of attention and if that is true then again my statement of mentally disturbed still stands.  These teenagers are in such need for attention that they are willing to go to jail for a long time to get it.

These teenagers can be charged with making a false report or threat of terrorism, a felony that carries a 20-year prison sentence.  They can also be charged with making a bomb threat, a four-year felony.  In most cases, Michigan law allows the arrest and prosecution of anyone who threatens violence.  It does not matter whether there was a really intent to harm someone or not.

There are several questions we as a society need to address:

Why are so many children/teenagers appear to be hurting inside?

What is different from today than when we were younger to cause this behavior?

Does the rise of social media and our children’s addiction to it caused or exasperated this problem?

Does our society value celebrities too much, thus causing these children/teenagers to want to achieve some degree of celebrity no matter what the cost?

Can you add to this list?

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