The Democratic-led House of Representatives voted yesterday late in the evening on the Censure of Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff.  They ended up voting to what they call table, or set aside, a resolution to censure the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., for lying to the American people for over 2 years now and Michigan Congressman Justin Amash is Ok with that.

The resolution stated:

The House of Representatives censures and condemns Representative Adam Schiff for conduct that misleads the American people in a way that is not befitting an elected Member of the House of Representatives; Representative Adam Schiff will forthwith present himself in the well of the House for the pronouncement of censure; and Representative Adam Schiff will be censured with the public reading of this resolution by the Speaker

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff told the American people from a position of power, a chairmen seat, that he had undeniable proof that Trump colluded with the Russians. The Mueller investigation found no such evidence and Schiff has yet to provide his “undeniable proof” that President Trump colluded with the Russians to the America people.

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff lied about what was in the Ukraine phone call transcript from the chair of his committee seat when he made up a totally fictitious conversation between President Trump and the President of Ukraine.  Including saying that President Trump directed Zelensky to “make up dirt on my political opponent” a full “seven times.”  That was a complete lie.

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is holding secret meetings behind closed doors via an impeachment inquiry of the President of the United States.  He then releases what he said witness stated in his secret meetings which we later find out to be either completely false or out of context.

House Freedom Caucus Chairman-elect Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) introduced the resolution stated that Schiff’s comments were an...

egregiously false and fabricated retelling" that "had no relationship to the call itself,” alleging “these actions of Chairman Schiff misled the American people, bring disrepute upon the House of Representatives, and make a mockery of the impeachment process, one of this chamber’s most solemn constitutional duties.

Rep. Biggs statements are 100% true.

The vote ended up being 218 to 185 to table the resolution.  As Gomer Pyle would say “Surprise, Surprise” all of the House Democrats voted against the censure resolution and all Republicans voting for it.

I must admit what did surprise me was Independent Michigan Representative Justin Amash also voted against the censure and for tabling of the resolution.

I thought that Amash was better than that, I thought he cared about elected politicians lying to the American people about very important things.

Apparently, I was wrong.

I wrote a piece yesterday about Amash concerning his hatred of President Trump, maybe that is why he did not vote for the censure, and one of his supporters wrote:

Party above Constitution and Country, vote for whomever has the same letter as you next to their name. This is such an anti-American idea to convey. Research the Candidates! Vote for people based on the content of their character and policy, not for some magic letter next to their name. I respect Rep. Amash and his adherence to our Constitution.

Now the person who wrote that must feel a bit embarrassed since Amash who he believes in the “content of” his “character” showed his character last night in his vote.  Lying to the American people on such important beliefs, as opposed to policy, does not weigh on Amash’s character enough to admonish it.

Following the vote last night Speaker of the House Democrat Nancy Pelosi said of Schiff:

Chairman Schiff is a great American patriot

Really a man who lies to the American people about very important issues concerning the President colluding with the Russians and making up words that the President said in an “investigation” is a “great American patriot”.

Wow Democrats your Party is worse off than I ever imaged, a person who constantly lies to the American people is a “great American patriot” in your Party.

Also Justin, how could you think that lying to the American people about extremely important accusations, accusations that have been dividing our country for over 2 years is not something a politician should be censured for?

Oh those of you who might say go to Rep. Amash’s Facebook site where he always explains why he voted a certain way, I did and he did not explain as of the publication of this piece, I also found that interesting.

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