Apparently you do not have to be too much of a deep thinker to receive a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.

A current black sociology professor from Vanderbilt University, who apparently does have a Ph.D. from Michigan, has written an opinion piece in The Tennessean claiming all white parents are to blame for raising racist babies.

He is jumping on the “white privilege” ban wagon, since he has an inability to think deep about problems of the day.  My opinion by the way.

He blames the Baltimore riots, racist chant by a University of Oklahoma frat and pretty much all other problems in the black community on us crackers.

You see his theory, again very well thought out I must add (LOL), is that us white people act “routinely to harm, demean, and damage black and brown people,” and these actions “explain the lofty levels of frustration and despair among black and brown youth.”

Being a white person I did not know I was such a horrible human being and parent.

Did you?

You see you bunch of crackers, this brilliant mind blames you for sending your children to “racially homogenous schools and churches, living in predominantly white neighborhoods and failing to read children’s books featuring minority characters.”

You disgust me whitees!  In fact I disgust myself.

Oh you also apparently tell “racially insensitive” jokes in front of your little crackers and use racial slurs at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Racial slurs at Thanksgiving?  I did not realize I was doing that.

Is pass the turkey racially insensitive?

What is this brilliant minds answer to us white crackers pushing white privilege?

Well of course it is to “create a massive, grassroots surveillance network to capture video evidence of racism.”

Gotcha whitee!

By the way did you know the first time white privilege was popularized in academic circles was in a 1987 essay entitled “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.” The author was Peggy McIntosh, an inconsequential white feminist.

All us white people should be ashamed of ourselves.

Your thoughts?

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