How would you rank your driving? Be honest, it's just us here.

Do you find that you're a little more aggressive when you're behind the wheel? Maybe you're quick to cut someone off or not let someone in because you're in a pinch or because you just simply don't want to.

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I feel like you're lying if you say you haven't been a little offensive when driving at least once in your life.

Hey, I'm definitely guilty of it. There's been times where I've been irritated, had a bad day or was stuck in traffic and didn't want to let someone in because all I wanted to do was get home.

How Rude Are Michigan Drivers?

I've lived in a couple different states and have driven through several and I don't think Michigan drivers are all that bad. But maybe I'm a bit bias because I grew up here and I'm used to how we drive.

Don't get me wrong, I've had my fair share of people flying up on me on the freeway cause I wasn't going fast enough or completely ignoring me and not letting me in but it's not that common.

According to Bankrate, Michigan ranked number seventeen on their list of what states have the rudest drivers.

Okay, seventeen isn't that bad but it also isn't that great. At least we're not California who made number one. But hey, if I lived in California, I'd probably be pretty annoyed with all of that traffic. Forget a car, I'll just ride my bike five miles, I'll get there faster.

Michigan Drivers Are Some of the Safest Drivers

So people may not see us as very kind on the road but at least we're safe. According to The Newswheel several Michigan cities including Lansing, Jackson, Holland, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo made the list of safest drivers.

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