There has been quite a bit of rumor going around Michigan concerning hundreds of illegal migrant teenagers coming to be temporarily held at the Starr Commonwealth facility in Sheridan Township between Albion and Marshall Michigan.

I was contacted last week and this morning by sources concerning this information and was told the migrant teenagers would be coming last Saturday and even today.  Neither was correct.

I reached out to Mary Ann Sabo, Communications person for Starr Commonwealth and she provided me with the following statement:

“It is premature to share details, but we can confirm that Starr Commonwealth has been asked by the federal government to help alleviate the crisis unfolding at our southern border. For more than a century, our campus has served as a refuge and haven for children in crisis. When called to serve, we will follow the principles of our founder, Floyd Starr, and our mission of Leading with courage to provide positive experiences so that all children, families and communities flourish.”

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I am sure there will be more news to come concerning this matter and I will be on top of reporting the correct and factual information to you.  As evidence from the fact that I did not report late last week or over the weekend the information, I received from sources that wanted to remain anonymous.  What matters in developments like this is the truth, not a race to see who can report via anonymous sources as soon as possible.

Starr Commonwealth in Albion-Photo provided by Starr
Starr Commonwealth in Albion-Photo provided by Starr

State tuned to "Live with Renk" and Townsquare Media for updated information on this situation.

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