I have been saying for about a year now, that the two main issues you should concern yourself with when it comes to the Presidential/Senate/Congressional races are National Security, followed by the economy.

Our national security has again come under fire, proven by yesterday's Islamic Terrorist act in Orlando, Florida.

You must ask yourself, what is most important to you?

  1. National Security
  2. Economy
  3. Immigration
  4. Open Borders and Amnesty for all
  5. Taking guns away from the law abiding citizen
  6. Welfare for all
  7. LGBTQ issues
  8. Alleged systemic racism
  9. The War on Women

To me, the obvious most important issue is your security, because without security nothing else will really matters.  Not to say these other issues should not be important to you, but I am talking about prioritization.

Now, when it comes to the Presidential/Senate/Congressional races, you must ask yourself how the parties prioritize the issues.

I think it is pretty clear that the Democrat Party, President Obama, Hillary Clinton and just about every elected Democrat politician and wannabe Democrat politician does not put National Security, YOUR security, as the number one issue.  They are more concerned about social justice, redistribution of the working person's wealth to the non-working person's wealth and entitlement programs.

I am not saying they are not concerned about National Security, it is just farther down their priority list.  The Democrat Party and President Obama cannot even mention the word "Radical Islamic Terrorist.” If you cannot bring yourself to name the enemy, you will never be able to defeat it.

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