Terence Moore, a sport writer for Forbes, wrote an article discussing how he was “scared” during a recent Atlanta Braves baseball game due to the fans performing their Tomahawk Chop cheer.


He wrote:

With the Dodgers leading 2-0 in the series after they dominated the Braves on the west coast, the SunTrust Park people running the scoreboards and the organ worked overtime for Game 3…The former kept flashing louder and LOUDER with a cartoon tomahawk on the screen, and the latter threatened to wear out the tom-tom beat.

He is obviously one of these people who are against the reference to the team using an American Indiana symbol as a team mascot.

He went on to say that the Atlanta Braves are still embarrassing themselves with:

a ballpark full of mostly white fans… Eventually, fans were chopping and chanting out of their minds…It was uncomfortable, but it was fun…Then it was scary.

Of course he must point out that it was “mostly white fans”.  He went on to say that he wants:

someone to stop Atlanta Braves fans from chopping and chanting.

Mr. Moore concluded his piece saying that the tomahawk chop chant was not all that bad in the beginning when it first popped up in Atlanta. But he insisted that it must now be eliminated because:

The world has changed, though.

Yes, the world in some people’s minds has changed and not for the better.  Why does everything in today’s world have to come down to a political motive?

Just another example of a snowflake and in this example it is a grown man who was frightened by a stadium full of people having some fun.  Did he really think they wanted to tomahawk a person?

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