Today I interviewed former New York Mayor and Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani concerning today's Presidential Election and what it means for America.

Is today a truly historic election?

Does the majority of American votes want to give a chance to a non-establishment businessman who may have new and fresh ideas which will bring us back on track and restore the once greatness we had throughout the world.

Are you willing to give someone a chance that can “drain the swamp”.

Or are the majority of voting American’s going to choose to stay on the path we are on for either selfish reasons or they truly believe this is the right path?

Or here is another look at it:

We have a choice between the ultimate establishment candidate whose corruption is well known and who will guarantee the continuation of the stays quo; and an absolutely unpredictable outsider who has certainly demonstrated the capacity to blow things up and turn the establishment on its head; but who has worried some people that he might not currently understand the knowledge of the constitutional responsibilities of the president.  Now we can say that our current President probably understood the constitutional responsibilities of the president but then just ignored them, so what do we have to lose?

We have no idea what he will rebuild in place of the status quo that he wants to tear down.

It is the choice between a devil we know and a devil we don't know. And a very risky choice for America, either way.

Is it time in our nation’s history to possibly truly go down a different path than the ones we have been following?

Can we truly start to turn around the major issues that have been building here in the US and start to heal the nation?

Will we still be a very divided nation like today no matter who wins?

To hear my interview with former New York Mayor and Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani please clink on the link below:


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