I interviewed United States Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah).  Senator Lee is a former Supreme Court clerk, he serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Armed Services Committee, and the Joint Economic Committee. He was recently named chairman of the Senate Steering Committee.

We discussed his new book titled Written Out of History which Chronicles Women, Minorities, and Iconoclasts Who First Fought Big Government.  You will learn quite a bit about people in our history who were simply forgotten or not given the proper respect for what they did.

In book some of the people you will learn the true story about are:

  • Aaron Burr, depicted in the popular musical HAMILTON and forever known by history as a villain, who was a far more complicated figure  -- a man who fought the abuse of executive power and who Thomas Jefferson, in an outrageous demonstration of that abuse, sought to systematically destroy.
  • Mercy Otis Warren, one of the most prominent female writers in the Revolution and a protégé of John Adams, who engaged in vigorous debates against the encroachment of federal power and ultimately broke with Adams over her fears of the Constitution.
  • Canasatego, an Iroquois chief whose words taught Benjamin Franklin the basic principles behind the separation of powers.
  • Elbridge Gerry, who championed individual rights and greater power for the states over the new federal government—and without whom there would be no Bill of Rights today.

You can listen to my interview with him below to hear it straight from the Senator:

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