LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A Michigan prison inmate who was transported to an Ohio court has been missing for nearly two months after being mistakenly released from a jail there, authorities said Monday.

Christopher Bibbs Jr., who has an arm tattoo that says “only the strong survive,” was “incorrectly released” from the Warren County, Ohio, jail on March 23, the Michigan Corrections Department said.

Bibbs, 21, likely is in the Detroit area, the department said.

“A series of efforts were undertaken to locate Bibbs, including working with his family. The department is now seeking the public’s help in locating him,” the agency said.

Bibbs was serving a minimum sentence of four years in prison for carjacking. He was in Ohio for a different criminal case.

“Sometimes they just turn themselves in,” Corrections Department spokesman Chris Gautz said.

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