Battle Creek’s annual water report has now been published by the city.

Due to Environmental Protection Agency requirements, cities need to compile a report with data collected from the year before for a snapshot of how their water system is doing. For the most part, the data is good; the sampling for each of the regulated substances, including chlorine, copper, and lead, shows that they were all in acceptable levels and no violations were discovered.

However, there was a monitoring and reporting violation that occurred last fall.

The City of Battle Creek says that in November, they didn’t properly test for chemicals called trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids; these are contaminants that are a by-product of the city’s disinfection process. They did take the samples as required, but the failure came because the samples didn’t meet pH requirements. They conducted a follow-up sample this February, and that testing met all standards.

Even with the monitoring violation the city says no threat has been posed to water quality.

You can see the report for yourself by going to

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