A Canada goose will get his happy ending after being rescued and is now being cared for by a Battle Creek area animal rescue and rehabilitation group after being shot with an arrow.

A Canada goose was rescued from the Eaton Rapids area after being spotted with an arrow protruding from under its left wing. Officers from the Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division were able to locate and corral the big bird. The Canada goose, dubbed "Eaton", was then taken Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center then to a local veterinarian who was able to remove the arrow. Miraculously, the arrow missed his organs and air sacs. Unfortunately, the arrow did cause a broken wing.

Eaton is now recuperating and receiving care from All Species Kinship (A.S.K.). Their goal is to get Eaton well enough to return to the wild, where he will be most happy.

One member of A.S.K. is a wildlife biologist by trade, and their primary licensed rehabilitator is currently caring for the goose affectionately dubbed "Eaton." They respond to injured waterfowl cases all over the state and do a considerable amount of trauma injury repair and rehab. Eaton came to A.S.K. Wednesday as a transfer from their rehab partners at Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center. They say Eaton only requires veterinarian-prescribed antibiotics and pain medications now which he will be receiving for 7-10 days.

Courtesy of A.S.K.
Courtesy of A.S.K.

Eaton is very eager to return to his home in the wild. Currently, he is staying in rehab with another goose who suffered severe fishing line entanglement and may lose a foot because of it. The average cost of one goose in rehab that requires wound management help and Xrays is $500 for A.S.K. who funds their work on donations

The Eaton Rapids Police Department is asking anyone with information on who shot Eaton to contact them at 517-663-8118 Ext. 8136.

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