The government is giving us some extra time to take advantage of obtaining credit reports from the three major reporting services.  If you haven’t taken advantage of that so far you should. Things may be all clear and well on yours. But there’s a chance some information may not be reporting properly which can affect a number of things relating to your financial well-being.

The Federal Trade Commission just set up an extension of the time available for us to get a report from all three credit bureaus at no cost.

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Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is issuing a public release about the report availability. She says,” “The pandemic has brought with it financial hardship for so many Michiganders and people across the country. That is why it’s even more important for everyone to stay up-to-date on the contents of their credit reports. From being aware of potential fraudulent activity to knowing which creditors to contact for assistance, having access to these crucial financial documents is imperative to one’s financial health.”

The reference to fraudulent activity is important. Many Michigan residents are just finding out that scammers got hold of their personal information and used that data to file fraudulent unemployment benefit claims and made off with thousands.  All told, the State of Michigan paid out an estimated $1 billion dollars in fraudulent claims.

The state Attorney General’s web page has some additional information about credit reports, how they should be used, and what you should do if you see something on yours that does not look right.

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