The State Health and Human Services Department says we have some top-notch schools in Calhoun County when looking at promoting healthy lifestyles.

24 schools statewide attachment-are being recognized as the best for working to promote healthy eating habits, physical activity, and a tobacco-free lifestyle. 8 of the 24 are here in Calhoun County.
They are:

  • Dudley STEM School
  • East Leroy Elementary
  • Fremont International Academy
  • Lamora Park School
  • Pennfield North School
  • Pennfield Purdy School
  • Post Franklin Elementary
  • Valley View Elementary

The state says parents and guardians, instructors, staff, and of course the students are all playing important roles in developing the health initiatives. Along with the 8 receiving Gold level recognition, the Ann J. Kellogg School in Battle Creek along with Galesburg-Augusta Middle School, and Charles Borromeo Catholic School in Coldwater are winning Silver level recognition from the statewide program.

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The healthy living initiative started during the administration of then-Governor Jennifer Granholm, The program’s first awards were announced in 2006. The Centers For Disease Control says the idea isn’t just something trendy to talk about. Healthier kids make better learners and students according to the CDC website.
“Healthy students are better learners, and academic achievement bears a lifetime of benefits for health. However, youth risk behaviors, such as physical inactivity, unhealthy dietary behaviors, tobacco use, alcohol use, and other drug use are consistently linked to poor grades and test scores and lower educational attainment.”

Michigan Health and Human Services Department Director Dr. Joneigh Khaldun says it is important to recognize the impact of these schools on the lives of kids. “Recognizing these schools is more important than ever this year given the challenges we faced together. The schools being recognized navigated challenges to go above and beyond to meet the critical health needs of growing children and youth through opportunities to participate in physical activity, nutritious school meals and snacks, and nutrition and health education in-person and remotely."

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