The city of Battle Creek is bringing in team members from other departments to help Battle Creek voters with election business after a Clerk’s Office team member has tested positive for COVID-19.

City administrators received the news Friday and worked through the afternoon with the Michigan Board of Elections, Calhoun County Public Health Department, and city staff to make sure voters can do what they need to do through Tuesday’s election.   That includes being able to register to vote, apply for and vote an absentee ballot, and/or vote in person on Nov. 3.

The city said all agencies agreed that, four days before the election, the Clerk’s Office staff is essential. Therefore, they will continue to work in their City Hall office, separated by a variety of curtains and Plexiglas, and with three health screenings required throughout their day. Visitors will not enter the Clerk’s Office.

Additional, trained, staff will meet visitors in the lobby outside of Room 111, help collect any documents and forms needed, and transport those between the voter and the Clerk’s Office staff.

All city staff are required to wear masks while at work. All visitors will continue to complete a health screening as they enter City Hall, and the city asks all visitors to wear masks.

As a reminder, the Clerk’s Office is open the following times now through Nov. 4:

  • Monday, Nov. 2 – 9 a.m.-4 p.m. (9-10 a.m. seniors 60+ only)
  • Tuesday, Nov. 3 (Election Day) – 9 a.m.-4 p.m. (9-10 a.m. seniors 60+ only)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 4 – Closed.

City officials say they appreciate everyone’s patience, as election business calls and visitor volumes are high.  Voters may experience delays. If you already have your absentee ballot, please take advantage of placing it in the dropbox, right outside the entrance to City Hall. Be sure to sign the envelope. The city’s 21 polling locations have sufficient numbers of workers ready for Election Day, and they are preparing, as usual, to welcome voters on Tuesday. Please remember that Battle Creek Transit will offer fare-free bus and van rides all day on Tuesday.

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