On April 1st, Battle Creek will see blue trucks picking up solid waste material, instead of the current green trucks.  That’s the day that Republic Services will take over for Waste Management.   And if those blue trucks don’t take your recyclables, it won’t be April Fool.   It’ll be because you didn’t sign up for recycling.

Battle Creek Environmental and Storm Service Manager, Patty Hoch-Melluish said it won’t cost you any more to sign up for recycling, and it won’t save you any money to automatically opt-out.  But the Republic and the city need you to make the effort to opt-in for recycling, and the deadline is Sunday, February 14th.

Hoch-Melluish says it’s really about helping Republic get their ducks in a row to take over on April 1st.

“They need to be able to schedule all their collection routes and order all the recycling carts and schedule the delivery of those carts,” said Hoch-Melluish.

“If people don’t sign up for recycling by February 14th, they could do it later, but this would ensure that there won’t be a lapse in your recycling service.”

There are three ways for Battle Creek city residents to opt-in for recycling.

  • The preferred method is to go online at battlecreekmi.gov/recycling or just click here to access the web form  This form also allows you to indicate you would like to rent a trash and/or yard waste cart from Republic. This is a separate bill, directly from Republic.
  • Call Republic - 269-216-8008
  • Send Republic an email - BCrecycles@republicservices.com

If you call or email, please include your name, address, phone number, and email address. You can also say if you would like to rent a trash and/or yard waste cart from Republic.

If you choose to recycle, you will receive a Republic recycling cart at no cost to you. Hoch-Melluish said that residents who do opt-in will probably get their new recycling carts sometime in Mid-March.

She said one of the reasons to ask residents to opt-in for recycling is for people to make a commitment and show that they are truly interested in recycling.  “We want to start with a strong, high-quality recycling effort.”

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