City Battle Creek City Commissioners have approved a resolution to allow a local group to fly the “Pride Flag” at city buildings.   A request from Deana Spencer of BC Pride requested that the City recognize “Pride Month” and fly the flag.   A similar request was turned down by the commission five years ago.

Battle Creek City Manager Rebecca Fleury and her staff looked into it and determined that the city might consider adopting a flag flying policy, as other cities have done.

On Tuesday, July 6th, commissioners approved a resolution to adopt a flag flying policy that would have the “Pride Flag” flying on city flagpoles, and a resolution declaring July “Pride Month” in the City of Battle Creek..

The first passed with a vote of 7-2,  and the second with a vote of 8-1.

The resolution states, among other things,  that “the rainbow Pride Flag promotes a symbol of inclusion, not division, and sends a positive message to the young people in our community that says, irrespective of your sexual orientation, or your gender identity and expression, you are safe, valued, empowered and supported by your peers and your community leaders. “

The flag display resolution #180 states exactly when and how a commemorative flag may be displayed on city property.   It states that the United States Flag would always be displayed in the first position of honor, followed by the State of Michigan Flag and then the Battle Creek Flag.   If the city commission authorizes the display of a commemorative flag, it would be only for 30 days or less and be displayed in the third position of honor, temporarily replacing the city flag.  If all flags are on one flagpole, the commemorative flag would fly below the other three flags.

Resolution #180 Regarding Flag Display

Resolution #181 Regarding the declaration of Pride Month

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