With the passage Tuesday, September 6, 2016 of proposed ordinances in the city of Battle Creek meant to stem aggressive panhandling, two commissioners - on either side of the issue - discussed the outcome the next morning on WBCK.

Commissioner Kate Flores, who voted against the measures, continues to call for more study on the issue. Her call for the formation of a task force comprised of local experts to study the root causes for local panhandling was tabled, for now. Flores tells WBCK she might not be against the ordinances in the long run, but feels more study was needed before a decision was made - and still feels so, even with the passage.

Commissioner Mark Behnke, who told WBCK some weeks ago he was in favor of the ordinances - and remained so, voting in favor on September 6, commended everyone who stepped forward to express opinions and input. He credited the discussions on the issue as productive and considerate.

Hear the entirety of their comments - their first following Tuesday's vote - by clicking the player below.

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