Less than two weeks after Battle Creek City Commissioners shot down the idea for a roundabout to be built at North Avenue and Emmett Street, they’ll be asked to support another one, on the other side of the city.

This Tuesday, commissioners are expected to vote on a Resolution supporting the construction of a roundabout at the Hill Brady Road and Skyline Drive intersection. Cost to the city would be a little over a million dollars.  It’s not a new idea.  Commissioners approved the basic design last July, to pave the way for the grant process to begin.

The resolution also includes the installation of a flashing traffic beacon at Helmer Road South and Potters Drive. City Engineers have cited numerous complaints about crashes at the intersection.

If commissioners vote yes on the resolution, the city could move forward on getting Federal and/or State financial participation for both projects.

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Battle Creek City Traffic Engineering Manager Gregory Rickmar estimates that the cost of the Hill Brady and Skyline roundabout is $1.7 million and the estimated cost of the Helmer and Potters flashing beacon is $30,000. If the City's grant applications for these projects are approved, the City would be responsible for providing engineering services and for contributing $1.1 million for the roundabout and $6,000 for the flashing beacon.

Hill Brady and Skyline Roundabout Conception-City of Battle Creek
Hill Brady and Skyline Roundabout Conception-City of Battle Creek

The Battle Creek Air National Guard (ANG) Base is planning a relocation of the main gate and upgrades in the fiscal year 2023. The project would connect the new gate access to the intersection of Skyline Drive and Hill Brady Road along the vacated portion of Skyline Drive. During the city’s discussions with base leadership and their engineering consultant, along with a review of the current operation of the intersection, Rickmar said it was determined that the ANG gate project offered an excellent opportunity to address the intersection as a whole.

As part of the construction budget, the ANG has approximately $500,000 to contribute to any improvements outside of the federal property. This would include any improvements to the intersection.

City commissioners balked at a roundabout on the city’s north side, near the hospital and Kellogg Community College after several neighborhood residents complained about it.   The roundabout at Hill Brady and Skyline is not in a residential area.

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