Several Battle Creek City Police Detectives are in Eastern Pennsylvania this morning. It’s the result of the kind of phone call detectives know could come at any time. In this case, it’s a call from their counterparts in Pennsylvania with information on a long-standing missing person case. Detectives there developed information that tied a Pennsylvania murder suspect to the disappearance and assumed death of Ashley Parlier. She was 21 when she vanished from the Battle Creek area in 2005.

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The Battle Creek Enquirer reports a former area resident, Harold Haulman is the man identified in Pennsylvania as a possible perpetrator.  The 43-year-old Haulman lived in the Battle Creek area at the time Parlier vanished. Detectives say the two knew each other. Battle Creek Police are asking anyone who knew Haulman when he lived here to contact them. Haulman is known to have worked at the Meijer on Beckley, II Stanley, and the former Nottke Bowl. Information can go to the department directly or through the area Silent Observer.

Calhoun County Sheriff’s Deputies were conducting a search along 6 1/2 Mile Road in Newton Township at the end of March for any leads in the case. The search included a K9 trained to locate human remains. Nothing is reported to have been found. Calhoun County Sheriff Steve Hinkley said the search was staged after some information in the case came to light. The Sheriff did not offer specifics about what that information revealed.

Parlier’s family has indicated they believed Ashley was pregnant when she vanished from the area. She is described by a sister as being shy and somewhat naïve, and as a result, possessed limited social skills. It is possible she trusted someone she should not have.  Parlier lived with her parents along the 400 block of North Bedford Road in Battle Creek.  That is the last location where she was seen alive by family and friends.

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