The City of Battle Creek is now hiring!

The city says they need a downtown maintenance supervisor, and they took to their Facebook page to promote the opening.

A downtown maintenance supervisor would oversee the employees that maintain Battle Creek’s Central Business District, be it through maintenance, construction, or special events. Minimum qualifications for the job include at least an associate’s degree in a related field, and two years’ experience supervising similar activities; adequate experience could potentially eliminate the need for a degree.

Besides degrees and experience, a DMS needs to have "considerable knowledge" of tree and plant maintenance, and "reasonable knowledge" of things like pools, fountains, irrigation systems, and pedestrian and decorative lighting.

Applicants would also need to be able to meet certain physical requirements, such as lifting 25 pounds and handing repetitive movements, and they would need to handle outside work.

The job starts at over $27 an hour; click here for a link to the online application, or just click on the Facebook post above.

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